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The OnBeat X1 is a tremendously useful piece of technology, and possesses a price point (about $40) that makes it eminently purchasable by anyone that has a Bluetooth-capable phone. The size of the OnBeat X1 is small enough that it will fit perfectly in a bookbag, while the lack of weight does not decrease the clarity of its playback. In fact, the inclusion of vibration bass adds further complexity to the audible side of video games. Taken all together, the OnBeat X1 will transform the atrocious aural experience of a smartphone into something that individuals will be able to hunker down with and become immersed in.

The build design of the OnBeat X1 is incredibly high, ensuring that owners can drop, ding, and otherwise disturb their OnBeat X1 with only surface injuries. Make it a point to check out the Divoom website for more information about their full product line. The OnBeat X1 has a lithium-ion battery that will take a full 8 hours to fully discharge. The volume of the OnBeat X1 is surprising; crank it up to its maximum and I can guarantee that bystanders and others around will be able to hear each explosion, vanquished foe, or shot taken on a video game.

The company creates a whole slew of portable speakers that will work well no matter which occupation one has or which function one wishes their speakers to do. Purchase the OnBeat X1 from a number of online retailers and add the company on Facebook – – for company updates and money-saving coupons.

Rating: 8.6/10

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