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Black and Blue opens up Undertow, and this bit of stronger singer-songwriter is able to provide listeners with a style wholly unique yet familiar. Lovelie’s vocals blend perfectly with the precise instrumentation that bounces through pop, rock, and even alternative music before the track ends. Fire & Icicles shifts Lovelie’s vocals into a more rock style, while the quality of the instrumentation continues to impress. Every guitar line and drum line highlight Lovelie’s vocals while creating a meaty and fulfilling backdrop. Lovelie’s efforts on Undertow could easily make it onto rock or pop radio stations, and nowhere is this more evident than during When the Tide Goes Down. This effort unites both instrumental and vocal sides to create a track that will tattoo itself on the minds and hearts of listeners, while a chorus establishes the track as something that is utterly unforgettable.

I Don’t Need You is the first track of Undertow’s second half, and it performs admirably in bolstering Lovelie’s momentum while providing her with additional tools with which to impress. Try closes up Undertow and points towards a more quiet and intimate feeling. Whether this portends a shift in style for future recordings or represents closure to this album, the inclusion of Try as the closing track is a smart idea. Listeners will feel as if they are in a small room, taking in each note and lyric as Lovelie performs. The production of this track cultivates this inimitable feel, providing perfect punctuation for Undertow. Take a trip to her website for more information about where to purchase Undertow, any upcoming performances, and further news about Lovelie’s career.

Top Tracks: I Don’t Need You, When the Tide Goes Down

Rating: 8.4/10

Elisa Lovelie Undertow CD Review / 2013 Self / 7 Tracks /

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