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A problem that I have identified with a number of fat burning supplements has to be the tendency to just slap a ton of caffeine into a blend of components and call it a day. MHP’s Dopamite includes those components that have been overwhelmingly shown to effect body fat, and as a result, this is one of the few fat burning supplements that we have reviewed that has any sort of effect.

The blend of fat cutters like Yerba Mate and focus providers and vinpocetine like L-Tyrosine with energy providers like caffeine and theobromine make Dopamite a strong supplement. The energy that is provided by Dopamite is long-lasting and does not bring on a crash to those that are supplementing with it.  Dopamite works well no matter whether an individual is doing cardio, doing heavy weight training, or even taking on crossfit events. The active ingredients improve and normalize the dopamine levels in brain to help reduce hunger pangs and avoid overeating.

The focus-increasing inclusions make this supplement perfect for anyone that is up against a deadline or has to do a project or final exam. Two pills (one after breakfast, one before dinner) will be enough for most individuals to keep them energized throughout the day. Through my supplementation with Dopamite, I found it much easier to sit down and get to work (writing reviews, for example). Alongside an intraworkout and a post-workout protein, I found that Dopamite was absolutely stellar in keeping my motivation up through a workout and into the hours immediately following the workout.

MHP’s website has bottles of Dopamite for a hair under $40, along with information about the supplement and the entirety of their product line. Add their Facebook at for information about their events and new products.

Rating: 9.2/10

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