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For many the ultimate visionary and sonic wizard, Mathew Jonson delivers a rare solo album for Crosstown Rebels with ‘Her Blurry Pictures’, encompassing a new evolution in his rhythmically complex and timeless approach over eight fluid and rich compositions.

Although distinctive as Jonson’s production style, ‘Her Blurry Pictures’ marks the end of a phase for the Canadian in which he used music as a tool of escapism and looking within. Predominantly made in his studio in Berlin in 2012 (alongside some older choices from his hometown of Vancouver) ‘Her Blurry Pictures’ maps his coming into focus, moving into a new chapter of reflection, remaining present and finding a deeper connection.

Rising to prominence over a decade ago, Mathew Jonson has cast shadows on others in his field through a distinctive voice that offers a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musicality, spanning elegant electronica, emotive techno and the universal laws of house.

A past cover star of DJ Mag UK and Groove Germany Jonson is one of the most well­respected names in electronic music with past releases on M_NUS, Perlon and his own Wagon Repair label.

His first output in three years, the album follows two solo singles on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels imprint in 2012. Jonson has recently focused on his Cobblestone Jazz outfit (an improvised live 3 piece collaboration techno project) and the extended fourpiece, the Modern Deep Left Quartet as well as Midnight Operator (a raw, rough, uptempo partnership focusing on dancefloor bombs), each of which have earned him widespread success.


“My solo material is introspective and I go deep into each feeling and direction. With Cobblestone Jazz it’s more like a conversation between players. Midnight Operator is nothing less than an all out attack on the senses.

In the studio I keep an intuitive way of working where there is freedom outside the laws of musical training. Tracks can be produced anywhere though ­ the first album track was made during soundcheck at Free Your Mind festival for example. The last few years my life has seen a transition from darker states into something filled with light. This has led to the release of my latest album.”

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