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RrsuAM6Hb1-X6V8VWzn3k691NT3ntWPDQObLeEX1XXAScienceNV has been around since 2005, and are releasing their third album, Last Album Before the End of Time, on April 30th. In the time since their debut effort, 2008’s Really Loud Noises, the act has evolved considerably. I feel that the tracks on Last Album… showcase a more pensive and thoughtful act than was heard on Really Loud Noises or 2010’s Pacific Circumstances. ScienceNV is a band that gets together as a labor of love rather than an occupation. The tracks on Last Album… reflect this as the band soars on guitar lines, complex synth sections, and precise drumming. The unmatched care taken with these arrangements provides a clue to the band’s day-time gigs in the science field. What results on Last Album Before the End of Time is something that is utterly special and should be picked up by fans of progressive rock, hard rock, and experimental music alike.

Two singles have been released to promote the new album – Titan and Curved Space. The band creates a radio-ready track in Curved Space, which touches upon the fringes of funk, rock, and soul. The tracks do well in establishing the different sides of the band, and provide listeners with some semblance of where the disc will ultimately go. ScienceNV is much more concerned with the creation of a cohesive and coherent album, as evidenced by the placement of the nine-plus minute opus Mars as the opener. While many bands let longer efforts slip away from their control, there is a laser-like focus to the arrangements created by the guitars, drum, and synthesizers. The four-part ring cycle (Titan, Iapetus, Enceladus, and Stella Mortis) comprise fifteen minutes of Last Album Before the End of Time’s run time. The constituent movements represent considerably different takes on the same general feeling, providing additional momentum for the album as it begins to hurtle to the end.

ScienceNV are an act that are looking to make big waves with their new album, Check out their website at and for more information about the band, their releases, and official videos for their music . Individuals that wish to pick up a copy of Last Album Before the End of Time can contact the band directly after the title is released.

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