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The Taint is a corrupting force that turns males into utterly misogynist assholes, possessing the ultimate desire to rid the world of all females. The bulk of The Taint focuses on two against the world – Phil O’Ginny and Misandra – and their effort to make things right. Dan Nelson and Drew Bolduc direct The Taint, and lead viewers into a hilarious, bloody, and even thoughtful film experience. The Taint is one of the most fun films that we have reviewed this year.

The Taint works perfectly in the Blu-Ray format, allowing every nuance to be captured, while a Dolby Digital track ensures that all dialogue can be heard and properly understood. The combo pack contains a stellar director’s commentary with Bolduc and Nelson, who go into extreme detail about the specific money shots (vomiting and gore) along with establishing a few of the more fine plot points. Along with the director’s and cast’s commentaries, an additional 5 minutes of deleted scenes push The Taint into the 75-minute range. A slew of other featurettes round out this release; there are both a teaser and a trailer for the title, trailers for other Troma goods and films, and a slide show providing a rare look behind the scenes at the filming of the movie.

The characters of The Taint are grounded in reality in a much more convincing way than in other horror films. The budget may be lower than that on major studio releases, but the title itself is miles ahead of the typical horror film kicking around cinemas. Troma has released a combination pack for The Taint, tying together Blu-Ray and DVD formats. This combo pack can be purchased online or at well-stocked independent (and some major) video stores.

Rating: 8.2/10


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