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We had received a bottle of Adult Limeade for review in NeuFutur, and to be utterly honest, I was a little scared of the stuff. However, I feel that what the Adult Beverage Company has done with Adult Limeade is actually craft a liqueur that can succeed as a sipping spirit just as much as it will in ice or as a shot. While there is an easy comparison that can be made to a margarita, I feel that doing that comparison ignores much of the complexity that is present in Adult Limeade.

The resposado utilized for Adult Limeade has the perfect blend of sharpness and sweetness; while the tequila is assertive, it can be taken down by those that would not normally be a fan of the stuff. The higher alcohol percentage (40 proof) of Adult Limeade over many flavored malt beverages would typically be a stumbling block for those that are sensitive to mixed drinks, there is an alluring smoothness to this liqueur. Adult Limeade is a liqueur that should be searched out, as it captures the titular drink while putting an additional twist on the classic.

Make sure to check out Adult Beverage’s website for more information about their product line and further releases that they will be rolling out through 2013 and into 2014. If they are a fraction of the quality of Adult Limeade, they should be immediately snapped up.

Rating: 8.5/10


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