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Dime Te Deseo is a slinky single that ties together glitch and dubstep with the strong female feel of a Ke$ha or Blackout / Circus – era Britney Spears. Where much of pop music feels as if it has been polished to perfection, listeners can hear that Minor’s vocal track relies solely on her talents. What results is a mélange of organic and electronic, as easily at home in a gym as it would be in a nightclub.

Ima Freak / The O Song keeps the energy high while assuming a more house, goth and industrial feel. Eve Minor is able to bring listeners to this track through this blending of disparate styles. The tracks sound so well together because Eve Minor touches upon each element, rather than fall into the typical pop star mentality of only providing the vocals. It has been a while since a performer has been able to wear all of these hats, but Minor is able to do just that with each single.

The production of each Eve Minor track is absolutely stellar, allowing for these singles to have the best possible chance to be picked up on radio or online services (Pandora, Make sure to check out her Facebook or Soundcloud for new tracks, news, and other updates from Minor herself, and pick up the Ex Rated EP when it is disseminated to the masses.

Top Tracks: Until We Sleep, Dime Te Deseo

Rating: 8.0/10

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