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The Original UK edition of Mr Selfridge stars Jeremy Piven (Entourage) and is helmed by Andrew Davies (Bridget Jones’ Diary, Bleak House). Mr Selfridge is a title that looks into the life of Harry Gordon Selridge, who was responsible for the success of Selfridge’s department store in the city of London. Piven is joined on Mr Selfridge by a slew of stellar actors, including Frances O’Connor as Harry’s wife, Rose, Samuel West as the journalist tasked with capturing Selfridge properly. In a similar fashion, those behind the production of Mr Selfridge go into detail about the many innovations that Selfridge instituted in eir own store.

The set and costuming present in Mr Selfridge is absolutely extraordinary, ensuring that viewers will be completely immersed in the action taking place. Whether it is the brisk dialogue, superb story-telling, or fully fleshed-out characters, Mr Selfridge is a title that will be readily devoured by viewers. Mr Selfridge showcases that events which occurred about a century ago can still be tremendously interesting to contemporary viewers. While the video quality is beyond reproach, the audio is so masterfully crafted that viewers will not have to strain to hear any of the dialogue. Taken together, the audio and video make this into the definitive version of Mr Selfridge.

PBS has provided Mr Selfridge: The Showman Behind the Retail Empire The DVD also contains a behind the scenes featurette that provides a rare look into the relationships that were created over the filming of Mr Selfridge. Mr Selfridge: The Showman Behind the Retail can be purchased at well-stocked brick and mortar and online retailers for around $30.

Rating: 8.4/10


Mr Selfridge: The Showman Behind the Retail Empire DVD Review  / 2013 PBS / 480 Minutes /

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