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Religious narrow-mindedness, like conservative politicians, has always been a boon for the music world. So when musician bree (no last name necessary) – raised in a religious cult led by her pops where secular music was a no-no  – and was cast out at 17, she naturally she turned to the Devil’s music. And to wildly paraphrase Dusty Springfield, no one rocks as hard as the child of a preacher man.

On All American Girl, her debut, bree brings out the pipes of Pat Benatar and the attitude of Steven Tyler. She also plays a pretty bad ass Gibson Flying V. The record is 11 songs of straight up rock, overflowing with themes of sex, sin and booze (all that’s great about the genre). Among the highlights on the Nashville rockers album are the terminally-catchy “Whiskey” and Cheap Trick-worthy “Do You Want to Love Me”.

bree All American Girl Review /11 tracks/Werewolf Tunes/2013


bree All American Girl Review

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