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Odyssey is an oak-aged (to the tune of 6 months conditioning) ale, which tops the scales at 10.4% ABV. The beer pours incredibly dark and brown, yielding a lighter tan shade for the head. There is a strong flavor that yields hints of vanilla, bourbon, oak and bits of hop towards the end of each quaff. Subsequent sips will provide imbibers with fruit (berry) and chocolate notes. As the beer warms, the overall mouthfeel and balance of tastes change. What was bold and strong provides some thick toffee and caramel notes after a few minutes warming up. The warmth provided by Odyssey will stick with an individual, refreshing with each sip; for those wanting to not get too inebriated, a friend should be enlisted in finishing the bottle.

Odyssey is complex, fulfilling, and will make for an absolutely memorable night. 800 cases of Odyssey were bottled; make sure to pick up a bottle before it disappears forever. Check out the Allagash website for more information about their year-round efforts and those special releases like Odyssey.

Rating: 9.5/10


Odyssey-label / 10.4% ABV, February 2013 / Allagash Brewing / 25.4 Fluid Ounces /

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