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The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, and is situated in a similarly beautiful golf course. After checking into the hotel, visitors will begin to see the sheer amount of care that has been placed into the St. Johns experience. Parking is expansive, allowing for little fighting over spaces – one will be able to walk right up to the front desk and get squared away. As one enters, a door on the left allows access up to the rooms without having to stumble through the opening foyer.


For those that wish to stick around the hotel, the 5ive Restaurant provides top-notch food and drinks, all captured in a stylish location. During our visit, dinner was served quickly and exceeded even our expectations. After we had finished up dinner, we stopped by our room to place our leftovers in the refrigerator and went down to the pool. The pool is more than a tepid tub – The Inn at St. Johns has included a whirlpool along with a waterfall, with ample space for numerous guests. Where there is typically a paucity of sheets on a hotel bed, we had to actually kick off some of the myriad of covers and sheets that the Inn at St. Johns had placed. The larger size of the rooms (especially the raised ceilings) makes for a more serene and restful experience.

Visit their website at for more information about the hotel, the restaurant, the golf course, and the wide array of amenities that the facilities provide. The Inn at St. Johns is simply sublime, and is the best hotel that I have stayed at. I would recommend it to anyone that has any sort of business or vacation trips that would take them to the greater Detroit metro area.

Rating: 9.7/10

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