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Carr’s music is one of a kind, and Skitszo allows new listeners the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Carr’s output up to this point. Consisting of tracks from four digital EPs (released after 2010’s Sex Sells Stay Tooned), Skitszo immediately hits listeners with Who Do You Think You Are. This RedOne-touched track has ample hooks and the edge necessary to keep listeners on the edges of their seats. Never Gonna Happen comes from a creative place which many listeners can identify; Carr’s vocal style here separates eir from the masses of other singer-songwriters and rappers on the market today. The features that are present on Skitszo allow Carr’s style to be properly highlighted. The additional oomph given Told You So by the inclusion of Porcelain Black ratchets up the momentum of Skitszo.

Why Are You Leaving? showcases Carr’s ability to effortlessly move through a variety of musical styles. Whether it be pop, rap, or even rock, it just feels as if Carr is the Lada Gaga meets Avril Lavigne of a newer generation. Never Gonna Happen is a perfect pop track in the vein of Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepson works,

Visit Colette Carr’s website at for more news, music, videos, and upcoming tour dates. Keep an eye on Carr’s trajectory; I have no doubt that her success will continue.

Top Tracks: Who Do You Think You Are, Why Are You Leaving?

Rating: 8.7/10

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