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A lot of the charm from Lena Dunham’s much-talked about Millennials in the City series has started to wear off by season two. The show about kids trying to make it in New York, thanks to hand out from mom and dad, is as much about self-absorption as it is about finding one’s path in life. 




A bulk of this season focuses on Dunham’s character Hannah given the offer to publish an eBook about her life in the city. The series, much starker and sadder in its sophomore outing, does manage to veer into much more interesting territory in the last few episodes when Hannah deals with a potentially debilitating OCD flare up, forcing the characters to deal with actual problems and not self-made ones. 




With a weak beginning and strong finish, it will be interesting to see what the third season brings.


Girls – the Complete Second Season/6 DVDs/380 mins/HBO Studios/2013


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