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The video quality of the episodes are stellar, ensuring that viewers will be able to enjoy each of the episodes as if they were the original theatrical airing. The Arts and Crafts DVD includes Porride art, Art school, and Rocco’s playmate. Rocco’s playmate will inspire creativity as Elmo makes a playmate for Zoe’s pet rock. Taken together, the episodes on Arts and Crafts Playdate will inspire viewers to take up paint brushes or other sorts of craft tools. Porridge art continues the trend of tactile crafts in the creation of a porridge man to win a competition of Quacker Porridge Man (played here by Bobby Moynihan, of Saturday Night Live).

The DVD includes a wide variety of additional features. This means that there are a variety of sketches – OK Go: Primary Colors, Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures: Museum Guards, Murray Visits Art School, and Elmo’s Collage. Different activities are presented on this DVD to round out the release. The Arts and Crafts Playdate runs about 134 minutes, but the additional features and materials that are present here will increase the replay value of the release considerably.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Arts and Crafts Playdate DVD at any well-stocked media store or online retailer. A copy should run about $10-12 and represents a stellar birthday or holiday gift for those in the 3-9 set and their parents.

Rating: 8.2/10

Sesame Street Arts and Crafts Playdate DVD / 2013 Warner Bros / 134 Minutes /

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