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Against The Darkness is very heavy and has the same grit and grim determination of Animalize-era KISS or Fear of the Dark-esque Iron Maiden. The guitars cut a bold path that is further trodden by authoritative drums and a set of vocals that are raw and utterly forward. Rip It adds hints of Anthrax and Judas Priest into the mix, speeding up the tempo while presenting a ropy and intricate bass line. Gundriver is an act that establishes their own unique flow alongside a slew of distinct metal influences. Under The Rock builds off of Guns ‘N’ Roses, Warrant, and Ratt, presenting listeners with instrumentation that stands up to repeat listening. While many metal albums are straight-forward, Gundriver No. 1 is always intricate in terms of linking together instrumental and vocal elements.

Never Meant to Be is a highlight of Gundriver No. 1. I feel that the track is able to resound with listeners through some of the most beautiful and affecting arrangements that are present on this album, while staying true to what the band attempts to do each time out on the disc.

Gundriver No. 1 is a tremendous introduction to the band and their dedicated approach to creating some of the most taut and catchy music so far this year. Give the Gundriver website a spin for further information and news about the band alongside the latest in videos and live dates. Metal has changed considerably in the last thirty years, and Gundriver has succeeded in linking together disparate elements, influences, and styles into one cohesive release.

Top Tracks: Against The Darkness, Never Meant to Be

Rating: 8.5/10


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