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If you’re don’t like the latest Willie Nelson record, just give it a couple of months, as there’s bound to be another one just about to come out. That’s actually not hyperbole, when you consider Willie has put out 68 albums to date, and that’s just counting studio releases, not live albums, compilations, box sets, etc. At 80, the legend (and yes, he has definitely earned that title at this point) has a home studio and records whenever inspiration strikes and apparently he’s been inspired a lot lately.

To All the Girls… comes out just four months after Heroes and three months after Let’s Face the Music and Dance. This latest set is 18 duets with various female musicians, from country crooners like Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Miranda Lambert to more mainstream pop artists like Nora Jones and Alison Krauss. Many of the tracks are Nelson staples, like “Bloody Mary Morning” and “Always on My Mind”. While some tracks are better than others, there really are no bad songs on this collection. A quiet album to be sure, despite coming from a range of different musicians and styles, they all sound perfectly at home beside Nelson’s trademark behind-the-beat, slightly shaky, but always comforting delivery. Try and think of another artist that could sound so natural singing alongside Mavis Staples on one song and Shelby Lynne just a few tracks later.

But if you still aren’t sold, just give it a few months and Nelson will likely be out with another album.

Willie Nelson – To All the Girls…/18 tracks/Legacy/2013

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