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Bone Cave Ballet… a name as wonderfully compelling and deviously cryptic as the music this Seattle outfit has been meticulously crafting since 2008. The band took form after the solo release of vocal virtuoso Jacqui Gilroy, when during collaboration with fellow ex-Detroiter and drummer extraordinaire Kelly Mynes; her smart, singer-songwriter stylings were transformed into anthems of aural artistry. The band’s 2009 debut album, The Echo of Entropy, was praised for its astute lyricism and harmonious intricacy of its musical composition.

Their new video, Great Cycle, has been uploaded to great fanfare :  .

“…with lyrics that catch your imagination without lending to easy understanding, and arrangements that fluidly change from section to section.” -Jon Davis, Expose Magazine.

The band then mobilized in support of The Echo of Entropy with West Coast tour dates and persistent gigging in the Pacific Northwest. Ever-focused on development and expression, they continued augmenting their sonic palette and evolving their expansive sound, particularly with the addition of guitarist Jeff Blancato and bassist Ezekiel Lords.
“…One mistake would be to lump Bone Cave Ballet into the list of cash grab bands that are feeding the masses exactly what they’re told to want, who aren’t pushing their musical pallets to greater heights…” Patrick Stoddard, The Muse in Music

In 2013, with the combined expertise of engineer Robert Cheek (Deftones, Rx Bandits, Tera Melos) and producer Paurl Walsh (X-Ray Press, ExEx Audio), BCB tracked their latest offering, Will of the Waves; a powerful prog-rock promenade that showcases their diverse array of present-day influences while paying homage to classic prog. is the band’s personal website, while is their Facebook.

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