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There is something dated about the sound on the debut full length from Philly’s Transitshop. And not in a “cool, this has a real vintage throwback feel to it,” but more of an “I’m gonna recreate an old ‘80s new wave record without really adding anything new to the mix” feel.


The result is a bit of an affected Morrissey croon over some old Spandau Ballet tracks, which is not as bad as it sounds, but not remotely original either. With just 10 tracks, the trio, fronted by Chris O’Brien, seems to have put minimal effort into their debut.


The band, which has played with everyone from Alkaline Trio to State Radio, even  joined Candlebox – another band not exactly remembered from originality – on its 20th anniversary tour earlier this year, so clearly they seem to be impressing someone; Just not me.

Transitshop – Velocity/10 tracks/Rock Ridge/2013



Transitshop Velocity Review

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