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Drive in a 15 seat van around Vancouver as Joe regales you with hilarious and pointed stories of Vancouver’s punk roots. The tour will stop by the historic places where D.O.A. cut their teeth: The Smiling Buddha and the Japanese Hall. Included on the tour will be present day punk spots like the Astoria, The Cobalt, Profile Studios, Funky Winkerbeans, there’s also stops at Vancouver Police HQ and Joe’s old house, the Plaza International East. Then the tour will go to a secret location for a one hour private D.O.A. show. Each fan will be able to submit two song requests ahead of time. Food and refreshments will be provided. At the after show get together, each fan will get five rare posters and of course D.O.A. will sign these for you. The show will take place this December or January, depending on you, the fan’s schedule. Each spot is $500.00 and it is limited to 13 spots. The package includes a signed live DVD and a signed copy of D.O.A.’s new double live album.

How can you get in on this you ask? D.O.A. is launching a fan driven drive through to release a great new D.O.A.Live DVD called To Hell and Back.

This is a project where you get to participate with us in building this DVD. We have taped six shows in western Canada with four cameras and pro recording gear. So now we need your help to complete this and get it out by January 2014. You can participate by donating to our page.

If you do you can get a ton of special exclusive D.O.A. items: from advance copies of the new DVD to old school posters to one of my guitars to a tour of all the old punk rock haunts in Vancouver while hanging out with D.O.A. You could also line up a small private show with D.O.A.

It’s going to be great DVD with tons and tons of never seen before footage from the six shows, footage on the road with D.O.A., crazy stuff you will never see on YouTube. D.O.A. has always been a prime proponent of Do It Yourself, so here’s your chance to join in.

Joe Keithley – D.O.A.

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