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As is typical for BELLS≥, the video for “No More Water” came together through a combination of mutual appreciation and friendship. “We have some very talented friends and are very fortunate to collaborate with them when we are able. This particular project presented itself at the perfect time”, explains guitarist Stephen Shodin.

When director Michael Fodera approached the band, their response was immediate and affirmative. “I wanted to illustrate that we all have things we know weigh us down, and yet we hold onto them, out of sentimentality, out of anger or guilt,” he says of the video’s concept. In the final work, these burdens appear as “abstractions, so viewers can reach their own conclusions about what they hold onto and, ultimately, what they need to let go of.”

The band was especially pleased with his song selection. “No More Water” accretes in stages, testing it’s own fortitude in its journey to a full-ensemble resolution. It is a song that learns to trust itself as it lets go.

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