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When Calls The Heart, a film adaptation of a Janette Oke title, is a tremendously inspiring film, and the movie is something that all members of the family can appreciate. The title surrounds an earlier period in American history (1875-1915, or so). While there are specific problems that the cast must encounter that are specific to that time period, the overall narrative that is weaved in When Calls The Heart is something that will resound loudly with anyone that watches the movie. The break between high society and the rough and rugged experience had by those in the Western Frontier is experienced by Elizabeth Thatcher (Poppy Drayton). Thatcher is a teacher that has to show eir family that ey has adequate skills necessary to make a living. With self-doubt creeping in, Elizabeth is able to find solace in the fact that eir Aunt Elizabeth (Maggie Grace) had successfully completed the same sojourn some time before.

What When Calls The Heart succeeds most at is in the costuming and the set design. Viewers will be transported back to an earlier time, while an all-star cast ensures that proper language and mannerisms are utilized.

The home video edition of the movie succeeds as well, with a beautiful transfer that renders flesh tones accurate and both outside and inside scenes to really pop. Make sure to purchase a copy of When Calls The Heart from a variety of physical stores (video shops and Christian media retailers will likely have it) and online retailers – a copy of the release will likely cost from $15-20.

Rating: 9.2/10

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