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Simply put, Dogfish Head’s Kvasir is one of the most complex and fulfilling beers that we have tasted. This could be due to the fact that the beer is based off the remnants that were present in an ancient Danish cup. The 10% ABV may scare imbibers away, but the heavy alcohol content is moderated by an intense blend of syrups (honey, birch), berries (lingonberries and cranberries) and a slew of other elements (yarrow, myrica gale) that provide additional levels of nuance to this heady beer. The backdrop of the Kvasir is a winter wheat that pours out with a vibrant red color. The acidic bite of the berries comes through with the initial sip; subsequent tastes will provide interplay between the malt and herbal notes. The 25.4 ounces of the beer should be more than enough fuel to provide a warmth that will combat even the coldest of winter’s nights.  Kvasir is fortifying, not too strong nor too sweet, and possesses an ample enough body to keep things interesting from beginning to end.

In our neck of the woods, Kvasir can be purchased for about $13.00 – pick up a bottle before they become scarce. Make sure to go to the Dogfish Head main website, as it provides a solid amount of information about the brewery’s efforts (both seasonal and year-round). Kvasir is complex, intricate, and should be seen as a foundational beer for the ancient ale style.

Rating: 9.7/10

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