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Dogfish Head has dipped their toe into the hazy game with the aptly-named Hazy Squall. The IPA pours with a straw/hay-yellow coloration and a small amount of white head. The initial nose of the beer pits sweet against more hoppy notes. An initial sip of Hazy Squall is bright and effervescent with ample fruit notes (e.g. apricot, tart orange) coming forth. The bevy of flavors that present themselves during Hazy Squall masterfully hide any alcohol bite. I feel as if DFH’s take on the hazy IPA style is particularly innovative in that more classic hop varietals – Cascade being front-and-center here, with Citra, Azacca, El Dorado and Mosaic hops rounding out those inclusions – provide imbibers with just a hint of the piney, resiny flavors that are more present in the West Coast IPA varietal.

Finishing things off with pilsner malt really sets Hazy Squall off from the countless juice-bombs and overly-sweet hazy brews that have been cluttering the market. This is the sort of beer that will shine no matter the situation. Whether one may be out for a night at a bar or is sitting at home pairing this IPA with a delivery pizza, they will be satisfied with the experience that Dogfish Head’s Hazy Squall provides. The 6.5% ABV is perfectly picked as well, making it just as good in a leadoff role as it would be as a one-and-done brew.

Over the last decade, we’ve reviewed Dogfish Head’s beers a few times. Visit our coverage of Kvasir, and Namaste. Check out the brewery’s main domain for a full run-down of their beers, or jump on their social media profiles for a constantly-updated list of events and new brews. Hazy Squall will be our go-to for the spring and beyond.

Rating: 8.8/10

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