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The titular effort on Shut Off Your Mind (“Shut Off Your Mind”) will ensure that listeners are on the edges of their seats. During this song, sizzling guitar lines unite with on-point drums and sultry, slinky vocals to create something special. This introductory track feeds into Only Heaven knows, which has a very strong momentum that allows listeners to be sent along the way with intense rock, rockstar-confident vocals, and a set of arrangements that will make musicians and fans alike salivate.

The Deeper Side allows the vocals to immediately impress themselves on listeners, while the bouncy instrumentation provides highlighting in all of the right places. Despite the separation of the instrumental and vocal sides, the two elements are able to unite into a cohesive and coherent effort.

Everything My Heart Has Ever Known showcases another facet of Jupiter in Velvet. The track begins to build to something fantastic, coupling the pageantry of sixties rock with a substantial electronic feel. Find Another Way is a break-neck track that does not allow listeners to take a breath; there is a frenetic energy that provides fans with the energy that they need to complete the album. Jupiter in Velvet end their Shut Off Your Mind with a trio of tracks – Be My Muse, Starman, and All the Way With the UK – that close off the album with the same quality and catchiness which opened the album. Shut Off Your Mind can be purchased directly from Jupiter in Velvet, as well as a number of online retailers. Check Jupiter in Velvet’s website for a biography, a number of photos, and examples of music and videos from the band. Here’s to hoping that the band continues to ascend into superstardom.

Top Tracks: Shut Off Your Mind, The Deeper Side, Everything My Heart Has Ever Known

Rating: 8.6/10


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