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The band cultivates a sound on False Words About Large Days that links together rock bands with sounds as disparate as Ween, Primus, Suicidal Tendencies, and the Butthole Surfers. The ability to change their style on a dime is comparable to Zappa’s Mothers of Invention work, while each of the tracks possesses a radio-ready production and an intimate feel that draws listeners in. Picture Box establishes a solid clip at which the rest of False Words operates; PepperDome keep things fresh through a collusion of ska, reggae, and Fugazi-like guitar rock. The track is extremely brooding and even takes up the standards of both the Dead Kennedys and early (Boys Don’t Cry-era) Cure.

Sunshine Lighting provides listeners with a guitar tangle that threatens to overtake the track. The delightful tension that the band creates makes the first kick of the drums into a satisfying experience. The instrumental side of PepperDome is shown clearly here; the arrangements are at a high enough quality that a narrative is weaved sans vocals. The layered sound of PepperDome is highlighted when the vocals begin, giving the track that overall boost to end as strongly as it opened. Another high point, Death By Mediocrity stands at the junction of past, present, and future. Hints of mid-eighties emo are refreshed through the inclusion of very matter of fact lyrics; PepperDome has established a mood for False Words About Large Days that is wholly unique.

False Words About Large Days can be purchased from the band at their live shows or from a decent array of online retailers. Visit their website at for the latest news about the band.

Top Tracks:  Death By Mediocrity, Illusion of Wealth

Rating: 8.4/10

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