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Rewind This! Is a title that looks to showcase the unique qualities of the history behind video cassettes.  While home entertainment has moved past the VHS and DVD formats, there is a specific allure to the era that allowed smaller film companies and those with a passion for film the ability to cheaply and easily get their titles to a wider audience. Rewind This! focuses on interviews with those that made their bread and butter during this period – Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman provides his thoughts, while Atom Egoyan (Next of Kin, The Sweet Hereafter, Devil’s Knot) is able to speak of the evolution from VHS to DVD and Blu-Ray formats. The family features that were present during the VHS period were large, but Rewind This! lends equal time to those adult features that had similarly important roles during the period of VHS dominance.

This release comes with a number of additional features that further increase the replay value of the title – a music video, a set of different animations, and over an hour of additional interview footage make this well worth its cost. For those that were too young to remember the halcyon days of the VHS format, the audio commentary provides a great deal more context than is alluded to during the main feature.

For individuals that wish to purchase a copy of Rewind This!, the title will be present at well-stocked video stores and available from a number of online retailers. For the special DVD and VHS version, look to spend about $35-40; the no-frills DVD will cost around $15-20. One of the first must-see documentaries that has been released this year; pick it up today if you are interested in the slightest about this home entertainment format.

Rating: 9.0/10

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