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The Gates of Shadows leads in nicely to Evolution, a high-energy metal track that blends all the authority and power of eighties metal with a more current and contemporary production and in your face attitude. After this introductory salvo, Lucid Dream is able to move to a Queensryche meets Countdown to Extinction-era Megadeth sound; the act’s constituent elements are able to unite and provide for a track that ensures that listeners are at the edges of their seats. River Drained is a six-minute track that grants the band ample opportunity to showcase their ability to keep listeners interest piqued through the entirety; the use of open space and different time signature turn this into a track that will continue to yield dividends no matter how many times listeners put it on.


Two Suns in the Sunrise is a late-album track that further increases Lucid Dream’s palette, showcasing that the band can expand the progressive genre in bold new ways. The heavy vocal presence sets the foundation for the band, who gradually increase the tempo and intensity of Two Suns until that flashpoint occurs. With this jolt of energy, listeners will be able to stick through the second half of The Eleventh Illusion. The final two tracks – Pulse and The Way of 7M – allow the band to wrap up loose ends as well as look to the future.


The Eleventh Illusion can be purchased from the band and their website or iTunes; visit the aforementioned site for more information about Lucid Dream, samples of their music, and regularly updated tour dates.


Top Tracks: Leave Me Alone, Two Suns in the Sunrise


Rating: 8.3/10


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