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With a title like Nothin’ But Blood, you half expect the latest from blues/soul/punk/Americana artist Scott H. Biram to be a rowdy collection of his loudest, burn-down-the-house compositions, but this 14-track effort is actually a pretty low key effort. That is certainly not a slam against these songs – far from it, as the record is simply amazing from the first track on – but more of a heads up for anyone thinking Biram is unleashing his inner Slayer fan with this record.

With lyrics around booze, loners, sin, religion and redemption, all common themes for Biram for the past two decades, the 14 songs on Nothin But Blood come together to make this one of his most consistently solid releases since 2004’s The Dirty Old One Man Band.  There is not an obvious theme that runs through these songs tying the album together – Biram even admitted in a recent interview that some of these ditties have been hanging around unfinished for years – but they all still flow together nicely, from the more raucous tunes like “Only Whiskey” and “Church Point Girls” to the last three gospel tracks tacked on as a bonus (“Amazing Grace,” “When I Die” and “John The Revelator”).


For the uninitiated, just give this one a solid 20 minutes and you’ll see why Biram has become a favorite among everyone from blues diehards to punk rockers and rednecks. There’s omething for everyone to get behind with this one.

Scott H. Biram – Nothin’ But Blood/14 tracks/Bloodshot/2014

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