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Boswell immediately inspire listeners with their title track to Beryllium. The track comes forth with a blend of alternative and indie styling, touching upon Portishead, Bjork, and Radiohead. The band’s instrumental arrangements on this introductory track are very well thought-out, providing listeners with something meaty while providing ample support for Melanie’s vocals.  No, Miser! looks back to sixties rock and psychedelic, as the constituent elements of the band craft a cut that keeps it funky with dual harmonies and spot-on guitar work. It is during No, Miser! that Boswell really shines – the act is able to keep a good momentum and foster a unique sound from beginning to end.

Statue of Venus has Boswell imbue their overall sound with a much more gritty seventies rock sound. Sizzling guitar lines and confident vocals make this into a bonefide hit. The ability of Boswell to move from vocal to instrumental sides while keeping listeners mesmerized bodes well for their future prospects. Zilker Park comes from a distinctly different set of influences than any other song on Beryllium, and it is this mélange of indie, emo, jam-band, and even pop-punk that allows this track to be another successful notch in Boswell’s belt. The band creates a delicate song that will imprint itself upon the minds of listeners, and dovetails nicely into Oh! Darling.

Oh! Darling is Boswell’s take on a Beatles classic, and provides an emphatic ending to an impressive EP. Visit Boswell’s website for more information about the band, their set list, photos, and information about how one can book them. Make sure to purchase the Beryllium EP when it is released on April 27th; hit up their domain for a sneak peek for what the disc contains.

Top Tracks: Zilker Park, Oh! Darling

Rating: 8.6/10

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