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Drown in Blue is a track that touches upon the work of Joan Jett and The X-Ray Spex. The track needs little more than guitars, drums, and a sizzling set of vocals. The bounce between front-forward rock and hooky pop-laced rock makes this into a must-listen. With this high amount of energy, Mase is able to move to the titular effort, Half-Life. Half-Life has a slower and more electronic-infused approach. Hints of Bjork and White Town can be discerned, as Mase is able to deftly combine the 90s, oughts, and current music into something that is cohesive and fulfilling for a wide swath of listeners.

Things That Scare Me (2014 Club Version) brings horns to the mix as this retro-styled version will seem in place in funk, dance, and pop rotations. The vocal work of Mase during this track feels touched by the B-52s and Belly. Hold Fast Your Dreams slows things up with a Billie Holiday / torch-song styling. Gaping Hole ratchets up the emotional intensity of the EP, all while keeping the same dedication to the quality of the arrangements – Mase keeps the momentum high through the beginning of the second half of this mini-album.  While the track has the piano / vocal dynamic  down pat, I feel that the inclusion of an ambient, electronic side of things allows fans of contemporary music to latch onto this effort. Half-Life is an EP that takes up a number of distinct genres and allows Mase to spread her wings. Make sure to visit her website for samples of the music and to locate biographical information.

Top Tracks: Hold Fast Your Dreams, Things That Scare Me (2014 Club Version)

Rating: 8.5/10

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