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All Right introduces 3D Friends as an act that deftly blends together pop-punk, emo, and electronic styles into a tremendously alluring style. The act is able to take influences as wide as The Red Hot Valentines, The Anniversary, Yellowcard, and Metro Station and provide their own unique twist. This track is produced masterfully, allowing listeners to distinguish between the disparate elements comprising the band. Just Wanna Hold You changes up things considerably, with hints of The Killers and Brit-pop coming through. It is this more introspective and echoing effort that allows 3D Friends to stretch their wings and create a song that stands up to multiple listeners.

If You’re Interested has a very new wave meets Chromeo opening that segues nicely into something much more emotionally intense. The band does well in replicating the experience of someone that is looking to find a significant other. The inclusion of the second set of vocals during this cut provides listeners with the momentum that they need to complete this EP. Out of Your Way is the final release on Summer Break, and 3D Friends are able to spin things down gracefully. A particularly presence percussion provides fans with something that they can cling onto long after the album has ceased to spin. The five tracks on Summer Break are enough to introduce fans to 3D Friends while allowing the band ample space to expand for subsequent releases.

Make sure to visit 3D Friends’ website at for samples of the band’s music, methods to purchase album tees and releases, and additional biographical information.

Top Tracks: Just Wanna Hold You, If You’re Interested

Rating: 8.6/10

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