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Dance of Wrath is a track that introduces listeners to the wide and varied styles that Dark Model create on their self-titled release. Fate comes forth with a blend of dubstep, glitch, and the more classical elements that were originally heard on the onset. Dark Model’s early success comes in the create of a cogent and coherent narrative from the beginning to end.Dark-Model-Album_May14_2014


Candle in the Desert is a track that blends human (piano) and electronic (drone and atmospheric) elements into an alluring track. The twists and turns that Dark Model provide here give the track additional momentum, ensuring that listeners are able to stick with this title until the end. The effort is a beautiful soundscape that is rich and deep, while continuing to foster a distinct sound for the album. Hope Is Never Gone speeds things up considerably and spins Dark Model in a much more industrial meets orchestral fashion. While the act touches upon hints of The Crystal Method and Utah Saints, there are nearly too many other influences and styles to count. Judgment Day involves strings with a very high-energy techno / dubstep backdrop. The resulting track is a perfect mélange of older and newer styles, conducted in such a fashion that a wide swath of listeners will find something that they can appreciate.

Farewell to the Moon stands as another arrow in Dark Model’s quiver; the slower tempo and twinkling sound of the track will appease fans of ambient and Real Music compositions. Make sure to visit Dark Model’s website for more information about the act and hit up their domain for news and additional information about the act.

Top Tracks:  Farewell to the Moon, Hope is Never Gone

Rating: 8.8/10

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