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Make It Loud provides a very lively opening to Restating the Question, with The GoAround taking on a pop-rock style that is vibrant and compelling. The track could easily make it onto pop, rock, and alternative rotation while Alexander and Anthony Saddic immediately swing for the fences.



When I Hit The Bottom has a down and dirty, rock meets country feel that will draw comparisons to Ben Folds and The Goo Goo Dolls. The care in which each of the tracks on Restating the Question are crafted is particularly evident during Her Love is Like Glass. This track starts off in a much more introspective way. The guitar work that initializes the effort dovetails with the soulful and bouncy vocals that are weaved through the entirety of the album.

Restating the Question possesses more tracks (12 in total) than many releases, but does not suffer from the same wheat / chaff issue that sinks a great many albums. The GoAround get into a particularly impressive groove with a trio of tracks – War, You Come Alive, and Restating the Question’s final track, Amber Skies. Comprising nearly 13 minutes of music, these efforts test The GoAround’s ability to create a vocal-heavy effort (War), a rapid-fire alternative rock track (You Come Alive), and a hopeful sing-along (Amber Skies) that expands upon the work of acts like The Cranberries and The Replacements.

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Top Tracks: When I Hit The Bottom, Her Love is Like Glass

Rating: 8.7/10

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