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A.T.A. Boyz have just made their By Any Means Necessary album available for download on Datpiff

( ), allowing listeners to find an act building up a fresh and catchy style. None of Yall is a radio-ready track in the vein of T.I. or Young Jeezy, with a catchiness to the chorus that is similar to Juicy Jay or Gorilla Zoe.


Get You Turned Up is a track that touches upon rap of the late 90s, 2000s, and maintains a contemporary sound to capture the widest swath of fans. The production of this track is stellar, allowing the backing beat to shine even as each member contributes their flow. When I Was Wrong is an absolutely cold cut, with an “In My Lifetime”-like production boosting calculated and intricate flows. The staggered beat of the track further distinguishes it from the rest of current music, while each constituent member inserts their own unique style to the mix.

How We Do It is the final track on By Any Means Necessary, allowing the A.T.A. Boyz to have a catchy riding anthem. The complex and intricate wordplay that is laced through this track provides an emphatic ending to a strong mixtape. There are only 10 tracks on this release, but I feel that what is present here is more than enough to make fans of anyone that has listened in.

Make sure to visit the A.T.A. Boyz’s website for more information about the act and any subsequent titles that they are releasing; here’s to hoping that they can capture the same fire that was recorded for this mixtape.

Top Tracks: Get You Turned Up, When I Was Wrong, How We Do It

Rating: 8.7/10

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