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Sarah is a soulful track that has an intelligent array of instruments and soulful singing that is in the vein of John Maher or Jason Mraz. Blue Light Bandits (BLB)’s vocals pull double duty in that they progress the narrative side of things while further bolstering the instrumental backdrop present during tracks like So Mine. The same sunny disposition first heard in Sarah and SO Mine is marked through the entirety of The BLB Demo. Lonely is a touching track that showcases how hard it is to not have someone to love, linking together a mock-falsetto with a Santana-esque guitar line. The rapid-fire vocals that are present here match well the guitars that gradually increase momentum before dropping off.946159_602398926446141_778064453_n

The production of this EP ensures that the band will be able to garner some serious college and pop radio play; the honest and earnest sound presented here by the Blue Light Bandits is refreshing. What I Have Is What You Heard is one of the most complete sounds on The BLB Demo, as guitars and bass are punctuated through punchy drum beats. The sultry sound crafted by the band is reminiscent to Pharrell and Robin Thicke is a nice twist for the later registers of The BLB Demo. Known & Loved (featuring Joel Ansett) is a tender and slower indie-rock track. The cozy feel of the effort will resound with listeners long after the title ceases to spin.

Make sure to visit the band’s Facebook or Twitter about the latest in news and music; the BLB demo is soulful, catchy, and is a perfect piece of music on a hot summer night.

Top Tracks:  What I Have Is What You Heard, Known & Loved (featuring Joel Ansett)

Rating: 8.7/10

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