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Saggy and wrinkled skin is an issue that is germane to males and females , and becomes more of an issue with each subsequent year. An individual can be properly dieting and living a clean and healthy life, but chances are good that they will have a problematic area on their arms, legs, posterior, or back.

The specific formulation of the Firm Body Contouring Cream includes Forskohlii, Green Tea, White Willow, the Peptide Matrix and caffeine alongside the company’s own unique formulation, NAE-8.  What this means is that wrinkled and otherwise saggy skin will be rejuvenated, hiding the appearance of cellulite and dimpling. Application of the product is easy enough, as one just needs to apply the cream to any areas that they would like. The formulation glides on nicely and is not greasy or otherwise off-putting, having a considerable effect after a few usages. There is an ancillary effect of the Firm Body Contouring Cream that ensures that the areas on which it is utilized are properly hydrated.




Nerium’s Firm Body Contouring Cream will run around $98 and will last for about 60-90 days (this amount will decrease based on usage of the Firm Body Contouring Cream over large areas of the body). Make sure to pair the Firm Body Contouring Cream with the AD Age-Defying Night Cream, which will run about $165. Taken in tandem over the course of a few months, one will have tauter skin and an overall smoother look for any sort of fancy dinner, social gathering, or just as a way to feel youthful . Make sure to visit the Nerium website at or check out their social media profiles for the latest in information about their product lines and new offerings.


Rating: 8.9/10



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