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Creating a compelling and appealing corporate brand can ensure greater name recognition for your company and increased profitability in the consumer marketplace. Here are nine tips for enhancing your branding efforts and ensuring that your startup is a standout in the competitive marketplace.

Create a Striking Logo

Entrepreneurs with an artistic eye may be able to design and create their own corporate logo. In most cases, however, working with a professional design firm can produce more attractive results and can ensure the quality of your corporate logo. The right visual image can add punch to all your marketing and branding efforts.

The Name Is the Game

For fledgling startups, selecting a company name that reflects both your line of business and your primary mission can create increased consumer interest in your products and services. By selecting a name that inspires trust and that identifies the services or products you provide, you can more effectively reach your target audience and ensure that your potential customers remember your company when the time comes to buy.

Watch Your Ps and Qs

In 2013, Global Lingo conducted a study of consumer attitudes toward spelling and grammatical errors on corporate websites. Of the 1,029 U.K. residents polled, 74 percent said that they noticed bad spelling and grammar; 59 percent of the subjects polled indicated that they would not trust companies with spelling, grammar or word-use mistakes on their websites. Proofreading your website and your corporate communications before allowing either to go live can make a positive impression on consumers.

Be Consistent

Consistency is one important key to successful branding. Changing your logo, your company slogan or your color scheme can undo months or years of work and can put you back to square one in establishing your name brand. If alterations must be made to the company logo, be sure to maintain the original color scheme and as many elements of the previous branding strategy as possible to ensure continuity for your company and its marketing efforts.

Pursue Pay-Per-Click Options

While print, radio and television ads can reach a relatively wide audience, these marketing strategies typically require a considerable amount of upfront funding. Internet advertising campaigns, by contrast, are very affordable and can target consumers based on their online searches, their geographical location, their general demographic and many other factors. By customizing your pay-per-click advertising preferences, you can zero in on consumers when they are most likely to buy.

Diversify Your Efforts

For local startups, taking a diversified approach to marketing can often reach untapped or underserved areas of your community. For instance, putting up flyers in local community centers can increase your visibility among families with children. Think about your target audience and the places they are likely to congregate; by putting your company name in front of these consumers, you can increase your sales and boost your profitability to a considerable degree.

Socialize With Potential Customers

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can allow you to interact directly with current and prospective customers. Putting your best foot forward in these venues can create a more positive impression of your company and can allow you to address any issues as they arise. Avoid angry or careless responses in the social media environment; these can quickly go viral to the detriment of your branding efforts and your corporate reputation.

Promote Your Products

Investing in useful promotional items can often enhance your company’s relationship with your current customers and can increase your visibility in the general consumer marketplace. Pens, t-shirts, mugs and calendars are among the most popular options available to promote your company and your products. These practical promotional items can more than pay for themselves in the added exposure they provide for your company name. Be sure to select durable and attractive products for your promotional campaign to ensure the most positive results.

Protect Your Reputation

Engaging in proactive reputation management can protect your financial investment in marketing and branding. Monitoring review sites and social media venues for mentions of your company and taking corrective action when negative information is posted can help you maintain a positive reputation in the consumer marketplace.

These nine strategies can help your startup increase its visibility locally and throughout your region. By staying consistent and gradually expanding your marketing efforts, you can achieve greater success in today’s highly competitive business world.

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