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Superfix is a Los Angeles-centered band that features Kalen Chase (formerly of Korn) that is poised to take the hard rock genre by storm. The Lion’s Share has sharp guitar work, emotive vocals, and a drum line that is authoritative and ground-shaking. There are hints of A Perfect Circle, Deftones, and Incubus here even as the guitars continually set the act in bold new directions. Eli Rubin put this line up together of specially, handpicked, talented musicians that tougher have a magical chemistry that delivers the goods. “It took a while….but I think we have constructed a solid team of unbelievable talent. Working with Kalen is the greatest….he is by far the most talented and creative vocalist I have ever had the pleasure of working with……his vocals really give me something to wrap melodies around; in a way, I am his accompanying back up vocalist….but using my guitar as a voice”, says Eli Rubin (lead guitarist of Superfix).



On compositions like Cry Wolf and Soul Survivor, crafty guitar work shines through brightly. Cry Wolf is a track that showcases the spontaneous nature of Superfix, with chugging guitar lines that rapidly yield ground to ropy bass lines and in your face drum strikes. The cherry on top of this sundae has to be Kalen’s vocals, which are pushed to an entirely new plateau through form-fitting guitar lines. What is particularly impressive about Superfix has to be the complexity that the band inserts into each track; the interplay between each separate element provides considerable replay value as listeners attempt to dissect these dense and fulfilling compositions. Mind slows things up, allowing Superfix ample time to craft a brooding and darkly emotive composition. As was the case with Cry Wolf, Mind is an effort that has the band tackle a wide variety of styles.

Make sure to visit the band’s website at for information about Superfix, further updates about their music, live dates, and the wide array of their merchandise. The band also maintains an active profile on Facebook ( ), Twitter ( , and ReverbNation ( ). If you are in the Los Angeles area on August 6th, make sure to visit Saint Rocke to see Superfix perform alongside Great White. Although Superfix just released their self titled debut album; the band already has material prepared for another full length album that expands upon their artistic approach to combining great vocals with tasteful guitar melodies. Superfix is an act that looks to redefine what hard rock and metal bands can do and succeeds each time they cut a track.



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