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Home entertainment systems are getting bigger and better all the time, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect versions for your home. However, if you want to make the most of these products, it’s important to pay attention to detail.


For example, as well as selecting the right speakers and TV screens, you’ll need to think carefully about the cables you buy.


Does cable quality matter?


The question of whether cable quality really matters is frequently asked by people who are purchasing home entertainment systems. In short, the answer is yes. There is no point in splashing lots of cash on an impressive system only to fall at the final hurdle by opting for substandard cabling. This is akin to buying a high-performance sports car and filling it with low-grade fuel. It just doesn’t make sense.


Bear in mind that cheap, poor-quality audio cables lose information. This is especially problematic on longer cable runs. These items tend to dampen the overall sound.


Switching from low to high-quality speaker cables can suddenly reveal detail in music that was previously missing, making for a richer and more pleasurable listening experience.


This principle applies to video cables too. Images may not appear as detailed, colorful  or well defined if unsuitable cabling is used.


Demo the products first


To help ensure you end up with the right products, it’s a good idea to demo the items before you buy them. Luckily, it’s now easy to do this. As well as selling a variety of audio products,The Cable Company operates a Cable Library service, offering home trials on more than 60 brands of cable.


This means you can see and hear the difference that cables make for yourself.


Knowing how to budget


Knowing how much to spend on these products can be tricky. As a general rule, the cabling you buy should reflect the cost of your overall system. In other words, the more you spend on your system, the more you should be prepared to spend on cabling.


Bear in mind though that price isn’t the only indication of quality. This is why testing the products before you buy is so important. It can help you to determine exactly how much you’re willing to pay to enhance the quality of your home entertainment system.


Get the setup right


Once you’ve bought your cables, it’s vital that you set them up properly. If you don’t, all your efforts and investment may be wasted. The fact is, there is a science to ‘dressing’ these systems. For example, all signal cables should be kept off the floor and, ideally, they shouldn’t cross each other. Also, it’s inadvisable to run AC power cables alongside signal cables.


If you’re not sure how to set up your system, it may be worth bringing in an expert. Of course, this will cost you, but it could help you to avoid making any mistakes and it will help you to get the very most from your completed home entertainment system.

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