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Velocirapper is an intense bit of rock that is reminiscent of Sepultura, Deftones, and Papa Roach. There is a heaviness to this introductory composition that will keep listeners on the edges of their seats, while a melodic drop showcases the sheer talent of the band. Rock Bottom keeps the same high energy as it draws listeners into a blend of Suicidal Tendencies and Hatebreed. The confidence that is exuded by Xombie here tattoos the track’s harmonies deep into the psyche of listeners. The band does not let fans breathe; even when they get into a brutal groove, they are still chugging along with reckless abandon.CD-Cover

Miss Behave is a very deliberate and brooding track that straddles the line between rap, melodic rock, and hard rock. The ability of the vocals to take on such a musical harmony provides greater complexity on Capital X. Police Ice, which features Mike Larry Draw, is a high water mark for Xombie. All parts of the band – drums, guitars, and vocals – go into overdrive as Xombie creates a rage-worthy radio track.

Friday (You Might Have Missed It) is the final track on the release. The track inserts hints of a pop-punk style (think Unwritten Law meets P.O.D.) into a shred-heavy track. The band goes out with as much bombast and brashness as they did at the beginning of Velocirapper. Check their website or various social media accounts for more information about their live tour dates and further information about their upcoming Capital X album.

Top Tracks: Friday (You Might Have Missed It), Police Ice

Rating: 8.7/10

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