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Hayride is the latest single from Stockholm’s Hicks, who hits it out of the park with a down and dirty track that is as much Toby Keith as it is Poison. The track blends dirty, dusty nights with big city gloss and polish to provide listeners with a track that will stick with them long after the track has ceased.  The harmonies created by the instrumentation on Hayride are further bolstered by the sheer melodic intensity of the vocals. This means that listeners are treated to a supersonic effort that would play perfectly alongside Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and Hunter Hayes; Hicks is able to create something honest and fitting in a musical style that has been intimately linked with the United States for the better part of a century. Hayride may elicit images of hot days in Texas, but the video for Hayride was filmed thousands of miles away in bitterly cold temperatures. Simply put, Hicks gets country and deserves to break it big.hicks-hayride

The track is short and sweet and straddles the line between country and rock. The production of Hayride is stellar, ensuring that the track will get considerable airplay on radio stations and video services alike. Make sure to visit Hicks’ website at for more information about Hayride, Hicks’ live dates, videos, and all the latest news; here’s to hoping that Hayride is just the beginning for a long and prosperous career for the act.

Rating: 8.8/10

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