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Dennis Lehane is no stranger to Hollywood, having seen his books Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island all make their way from the bookshelf to movie screen. The Drop is different only in the time it has taken for it to hit theaters, coming out as a book and a movie at the same time.

The Drop is set in familiar territory for Lehane, a working class Boston neighborhood whose main character Bob, works at his cousins bar and leads a pretty quiet life, living alone in the house he grew up in, attending church and doing little else. He finds an abused puppy in a trashcan on his way home from work one night, which leads him to Nadia, a complicated neighbor he falls for quickly. The bar is robbed and the Chechen mafia who run it are resourcefully looking for suspects.

The book is pure Lehane, compellingly complicated characters drawn into a fascinating drama with killers and cops, and yet it manages to be surprisingly sweet in spots. Another great addition to Lehane’s impressive cannon.

The Drop by Dennis Lehane/224 pages/William Morrow/2014


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