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I Am the Beast is a track that blends together catchy electronic, rap, and rock styles into something that is an expansion of P.O.D. and Eminem. The sheer quality of the musical arrangements during Rock-Rap Dynasty is hat sets off the title from other titles released this year. Lethal Weapon puts the instrumental side of things to the fore, creating a very quick tempo that keeps listeners on the edges of their seats; the flow that issues forth soon after is paired with a simply-emotive set of string. By breaking down the constraints of genre and musical styles, The Voices of Terror are able to carve out their own niche. Insane Lyricist keeps the same quick tempo, showcasing the technical virtuosity of the act alongside some killer bars.The-Voices-of-Terror-Rock-Rap-Dynasty-Album-Review

The overall production of Rock-Rap Dynasty is stellar, ensuring that each constituent element has ample opportunity to shine. The beats properly bolster and highlight the vocals; the vocals are able to contribute to the overall harmony created by the beats. Save Me is a track that stands on the precipice, allowing The Voices of Terror an opportunity to close the books on this album and provide listeners with some semblance of where they will go on subsequent albums. The brief touch of reggae (311, Pepper) that is sprinkled on the track provides an emphatic end to one of the most intense and on-point releases that we have heard so far in 2014.

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Top Tracks: I Am the Beast, The Old Gods

Rating: 8.7/10


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