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There is a substantial amount of individuals that make a living live casting, Twitching, or otherwise recording their voice. There is number of different ways that an individual to stay connected to other people whenever they play online games, so that having a good microphone that accurately captures each command and order is absolutely essential. Simply having a bargain store microphone is not of sufficient enough quality to play at the highest levels of competitive gaming. Luckily there is a microphone – Antlion ModMic – that will clearly and actually capture every single command that one might have during a game or dialogue conducted on a Youtube video, to say nothing of the other podcasts and audio recordings. The ModMic is a device that is much needed.


The ModMic is not a huge mic, and can be stuck on my monitor that goes add captures everything. We go and review numerous items on NeuFutur and have just discovered the amazing ability of word processing with voice recognition software. The ModMic allows us to be at the cutting edge of journalism and is a godsend. We use programs that capture the actual voice and transcribe it into text, so any microphones that we use to be at the highest possible quality. We may not be going and playing at professional levels of gaming, but what we do without microphones is still incredibly important. Make sure to visit for more information about the news, product reviews, or new products that may be coming down the line. For our money, the AntLion ModMic is a smart buy. The product costs about $49.95 and this microphone is absolutely essential for anyone looking to be at the peak of their ability.


Rating: 8.7/10

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