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Throughout all my youth, I never went on any camping excursions. I was always more of a fan of staying inside and playing on the computer – something that I still enjoy. We went to the Midwest reggae fest a few months ago and required a tent for the extended festival duration. The actual day that we went the weather was incredibly bad – the ground was squishy, the rain would not stop, and there was a little bit of a chill in the air. When we first got to the festival we had the tent in the bag in which it came. We were able to remove the tent in the car but still needed to go and unfurl it to set it up before we can use it for shelter; we had expected to take 30 to 40 minutes to set up the came and to get slightly soaked in the process.


The great thing about the Grand Trunk tent is that it unfolds like a dream the arms of the tent snap into place rather than having to fish them through with one’s hand. The metal pins that one attaches to the ground are deceptively sharp and will puncture the ground and hold the tents incredibly easily. The actual protective layers of the tents really came into play during the weather. The floor is properly treated meaning that no matter how much water may be on the ground or how soaked the earth maybe there will not be any liquid that comes into the tent. The actual windows that are present in the tent are an overhang that one can pull down that provides for airflow even with the most torrential downpours. There is a covering for the tent that can be draped over its base layer also ensures is that rain cannot enter in. While the rain ultimately stopped that day at the festival, we were able to go and really enjoy just sitting around the tent. Grand Trunk has made a very impressive 2 to 4 person tent with this product – what to spend money4 the tent. Make sure to visit the Grand Trunk website for more information about their line of tents and other camping implements. For our money we will make sure to go Grand Trunk in the future.

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