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The Detroit Princess has been an institution on the Detroit river for a decade and it has consistently been discussed as one of those must do sort of attractions whatever one makes it into the Detroit area. On the weekends the Detroit princess has a Motown Dinner cruise meeting that individuals can purchase a ticket, receive dinner and dessert, and be serenaded by a band that covers the memorable Motown soul hits. The Detroit Princess is a ship that traveled around the United States. Originally stationed down in Louisiana the ship was brought up to the area in the early 2000s and given its new name and destination. Over the course of the last decade the ship has been able to go circle around the lake, providing visitors an experience is absolutely memorable.


We were able to go to each of the ship’s floors to see what was going on, and there was a variety of events occurring on the higher floors. We were most interested in actually getting out side of the belt. There is ample room to walk around the railings to see Windsor ,Ontario and the Detroit skyline. The cruise was a little on the cold side when we were standing outside, but one just needs to bring a coat, salt, or other warm clothing during the season and they will be able to see unforgettable sights. The cruise runs for about 3 hours from 7 to 9:30 p.m., and represents a great beginning to a night in Detroit. The dinner was substantial, containing both prime rib and a chicken dish. Side dishes included twice baked potatoes, pasta, and wild rice. One can also get a scoop of strawberry short cake with a scoop of ice cream to top things off. The Detroit princess has a cash bar that individuals can go and purchase a number of micro brews, macro brews and a wide selection of wine varietals. We were pleasantly surprised that the ship had so many different options available. A ticket to the Detroit princess will cost $49.95 for the dinner cruise and $29.95 for a moonlight cruise. Make sure to visit the Detroit Princess website for more information about the variety of cruises that they offer and see if one of their nights is something that your party wants to do the next time that you are up in Detroit.

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