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This three-piece act has an energetic rock style that will keep listeners locked in from the beginning to the end of their latest release, Be Yourself. The introductory  track on Be Yourself (Be Yourself in Time) shines on honest vocals, intricate guitars, and splashy drums that resound loudly. Hey Darlin’ is soulful, a hint funky, and is completed with a ropey and thick bass line. The production makes the finished effort shine brighly, with each of the EP’s first two tracks a virtual lock for radio airplay.

Our Story deftly blends together the vocal and instrumental side of things to make a filling and fun track that links together surf, psychedelic, 90s alternative, and contemporary pop before it ceases. The second half of Be Yourself showcases that the Dimestore Prophets have additional tools in their repertoire. Good Lovin’ is a track that has hints of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, and Eagle Eye Cherry. The unique sound achieved by the band during this track provides a huge boost to the momentum, something that is utilized to great effect with the EP’s penultimate cut, Draw for Love. Sunny Day spins things to a close, but the mélange of Sublime, 311, and Fugazi will provide fans with some semblance of where the band may go in the months and the years to follow.  The brooding instrumentation created by the band, coupled with reedy, emotive plea of the lead vocals make this a tremendous success in my eyes. Make sure to visit the Dimestore Prophets’ website for additional information about the act, their releases, and additional news from their camp.

Top Tracks: Our Story, Be Yourself in Time

Rating: 8.5/10

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