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Not Where I Wanna Be slows things down and provides Sarantos ample opportunity to create an expansive and sedate effort that continues to twinkle long after the song has ceased. The deliberate tempo crafted here will indelibly tattoo the rhythms and melodies deep into the psyche and hearts of listeners, something that the song shares with Are You Sure You Can Last Long. Are You Sure You Can Last Long has a swirling, more gritty rock sound that allows the track to take a decidedly different tack than other tracks on Not Where I Wanna Be. The guitar solo that kicks up at points is matched perfectly with a ropy and expertly laid-down bass line; the resulting track is destined for heavy radio rotation.

Sarantos 1st CD Not Where I Wanna Be CDBaby 11-14

Believe has emotive guitar lines and soaring vocals that will keep listeners on the edges of their seats – as the track continues to spin, the track expands to take over any space in which it is played. The emotive guitar line and on-point drumming make this into another single-ready effort. A Country Song is a track that blends together ample amounts of country and alternative elements to make something wholly unique and alluring. Sarantos is able to make his own unique print on each recording, ensuring that listeners will never truly know what styles and approaches that will be taken on subsequent recordings.

Not Where I Wanna Be is available on iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon MP3; make sure to visit Sarantos’ website for more information about Not Where I Wanna Be, his store, and a variety of methods to contact him directly.

Top Tracks: A Country Song, Are You Sure You Can Last Long

Rating: 8.8/10

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