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Take This Love is a track that builds upon the work of seventies rockers and provides listeners in the current era with something rich and meaty to bite into. The overall production of the track is solid enough to let the vocals, drums, and guitars ample opportunity to shine alone and as a cohesive unit. The cogent sound of the tracks on Black Sky Blanket really speak to Levitas’ ability to create a unitary album; Touchstone slows things up while having the same skill and ability exhibited at each second. I feel that the disparate styles that are broached through the entirety of this LP provide listeners with a good semblance of the styles and approaches that were tremendously influential to Levitas, while allowing him ample opportunity to imbue each of the disc’s efforts with his own unique qualities.tony2-3

The titular effort on Black Sky Blanket is a funk-infused effort that has the trippy guitar work of The Eagles, creating an alluring track that is as much Walsh as it is Bootsy Collins. The smooth vocals of Levitas here will tattoo themselves deep into the psyche and hearts of anyone listening in and gives listeners the momentum that they need to spin the balance of the title. Picture is a track that straddles the line between pop and rock, and I feel it is this blend of Jackson Browne and Eric Carmen that makes for another solid track. The progression of the instrumentation leads into a delightful rising action and climax, with a guitar line that leads listeners back down the hill. Make sure to add Levitas on his social media for additional information about Black Sky Blanket and other news updates.

Top Tracks: Black Sky Blanket
Rating: 8.4/10

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